The Origin of The Christmas Tree

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The origin of the Christmas tree. Christmas Lights Installer el paso One of the elements that is not usually missing in almost any home, trade or main square of a town is the typical Christmas tree, decorated with garlands, balls and lights.

There are several theories about what is the origin of this significant element of Christmas, but most experts suggest that it is the consequence of an ancient tradition that the Celts made, who with the arrival of the winter solstice made an offering to Frey (god of the Sun and fertility), decorating a tree which they called ‘Idrasil’ (Tree of the Universe).

It seems that in the eighth century, the religious Boniface (canonized in saint after his death in the year 754) was sent by Pope Gregory II to evangelize the countries of Central Europe and upon arriving in Germany he met the ancient Celtic tradition and He reconverted into a Christian custom, decorating and dedicating a tree to the birth of the Messiah.

But it would still take more than a millennium for the Christmas tree (as we know it today) to become popular and it was after 1840, when Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom married the German Prince Albert of Saxony, who brought to England the habit of decorating a tree.

It could be said that Queen Victoria and her family were true ‘influencers’ of their time, since all those customs that they performed ended up being copied by the rest of British citizens and by other European royal houses.